An international green energy company, Ignitis Renewables, is continuing sustainable and close cooperation with communities that are located near the renewable energy projects under development, under construction or in operation. This year financial support was allocated for the projects of the communities from Tauragė, Mažeikiai, Kretinga (Lithuania) as well as Pomerania and Silesia (Poland). In 2023 the total funds allocated for funding the projects that improve the wellbeing of communities amounted EUR 350,000.

“We see the financial support allocated to projects that are important to the communities not just as a measure promoting the support of the development of renewable projects. Supporting community projects and ideas allow the responsible companies to build trust between citizens and businesses as well as support the development of rural areas. We see communities as partners that can help us reach the goals of green transition. That’s why we are especially proud of and support the communities that look for energy efficiency, renewable and other solutions that can coexist with the environment,” said Emilija Musteikytė, Community Projects Coordinator at Ignitis Renewables.

This year we received ten applications from Lithuania and eight from Poland. After diligently examining the applications and ideas, funding was approved for all ten projects in Lithuania in the amount of EUR 247,000 and six projects in Poland in the amount of EUR 105,000. All approved projects feature upgrades and installation of the infrastructure that is relevant to the local communities as well as education.

Lithuanian projects range from installing smart lighting to building community centres

Communities located near an Ignitis Renewables wind farm in Mažeikiai region contacted us regarding the financial support for building a community centre. It will also include a repair of a student centre in Mažeikiai.

“Communities located near our projects are sharing their good financial support practices with each other. For example, we are going to install solar-powered lighting solutions in Pikeliai, a town located in the Mažeikiai region. The Vydmantai community already has such lighting solutions installed. It received the necessary financial support from Ignitis Renewables in 2022,” shared E. Musteikytė.

Danielius Gedutis, a representative of Pikeliai community and the head of the association “Kuriame kartu” (Creating Together), believes that it would be difficult to create a town that is enjoyable to live in without the financial support of responsible businesses. It also encouraged us to contact the company that was operating and developing renewable energy solutions nearby.

“Our town has a long history and more than one cultural object. When we were contacting the company regarding the financial support, we also were considering a pilgrim road that was being built from Pikeliai to Poland. Pilgrims passing the town need a place to sleep, make lunch or dinner and have a shower. So we used a part of the financial support the town received to install sleeping accommodations, a shower, a toilet and a kitchenette at the community’s premises. And in 2024 we are planning to improve the lighting by installing smart lighting solutions powered by solar energy,” said D. Gedutis.

Vydmantai, a town located near an Ingitis Renewables project in Kretinga region, are planning to erect a dome and a stage for community and student activities. The Girkaliai community is planning to repair its community centre.

A public institution, “Žaliasis regionas” (the Green Region), is organising a new education programme about wind energy. Next year, the Lauksargiai community is planning to dress up with new traditional clothing and improve stage lighting.

Also, a community centre will be built next to wind farm in Jurbarkas. The “Jovarų alėja” (Sycamore alley) association has drafted a project, requesting financial support, to build Jurbarkas community centre in 2024. The centre will host meetings, education programmes about green energy, events and other activities.

The needs of communities in Pomerania and Silesia

The communities located near Ignitis Renewables’ wind farms in Pomerania and Silesia submitted applications to receive financial support for organising running and race-walking competitions, art workshops, fire first aid training. We are going to repair a stadium, install solar panels in community centres.

Ignitis Renewables has been granting financial support to communities for the second year in a row. In 2022 the company granted financial support to nine communities and allocated EUR 86,100 in total. In 2024 the financial support will be provided both in Lithuania and Poland again. According to the company’s representatives, the number of countries where we provide financial support may increase by including Latvia.