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Young talents

While we strive to create a greener tomorrow for the current and future generations, Ignitis Renewables is already inviting that future generation to make a change. Together.

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Take YOUR part in #EnergySmart!

The company has initiated various support programs, including #EnergySmartSTART, to inspire and help the younger generation in energy-related studies. This program provides scholarships to students in Lithuania and Latvia, benefiting both individuals and educational institutions. We aim to retain talent in the energy sector by fostering more specialists with Master's degrees.

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I definitely recommend doing an internship with the Ignitis Renewables team if you're interested in building a career in this sector. During my internship in the Spatial Planning and GIS team I conducted spatial analyses, updated databases, and got to work on new solutions that are being introduced. I was treated very fairly and with lots of respect, and the friendly atmosphere was perfect for improving and developing my skills.

— Marek Najarczyk

If you're considering an internship with Ignitis Renewables: Just go for it! You'll learn lots of things they don’t teach you at Uni. Why? This is a dynamic and fast-growing company. It has a lot of projects, so you get the opportunity to gain real-world experience. I worked on documentation for our wind farm project in Pomerania, and created a table on the potential for wind farms in each voivodeship (province) in Poland. I learned a lot, and everyone was super friendly and eager to help.

— Wiktor Nowacki

Every day of my internship was a unique experience. There was a lot of new information to take in, but the team valued my strengths and encouraged me to flourish. On my first day, I was pleasantly surprised by how welcoming and friendly everyone was, and this continued throughout my internship, which made coming to the office truly exciting. You can tell that this is a company that genuinely values your passions and aspirations for personal and professional growth.

— Laura Skečionytė
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Discover yourself in the energy sector!

It is a program for pupils, students, and anyone interested in the energy field. To facilitate the process of joining the growing community of like-minded people, energy companies have consolidated their diverse initiatives. Whether it is trips, meetings with experts, scholarships, or career opportunities, we provide everything you need to build strong connections within the energy sector.
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Targeted financial support for higher education institutions

A promising field of study can be a great segue into a successful career. Students that receive financial support are provided with improved conditions to achieve the best possible results We want to encourage young specialists to deepen their knowledge in postgraduate energy studies. Our goal is to increase the number of the new-generation energy specialists with Master’s degree, who could continue their research and practical activities in our area. Due to this, we are allocating scholarships to postgraduate students of energy-related study programmes in Latvian universities for a year 2023-2024.

Documents regulating scholarship allocation in Latvia

All documents are prepared in Latvian and English

Rules for the management of sponsorship from UAB Ignitis Renewables and its subsidiares.


Annex 1. CRITERIA for awarding sponsorship

Annex 6. DECLARATION on the requirements of Article 9(1)(3) of the Republic of Lithuania Law on Charity and Sponsorship

Annex 9. REPORT on the use of the sponsorship

Annex 13. EVALUATION form for applications for sponsorship

1. pielikums. Atbalsta piešķiršanas kritēriji Atbalsta izmantošanas kārtība

5. pielikums. Pieteikums atbalstam stipendijām

6. pielikums. Deklarācija par Lietuvas Republikas labdarības un atbalsta likuma 9.(1) panta 3. daļas prasībām

9. pielikums. Atbalsta stipendijām izmantošanas pārskats

13. pielikums. Atbalsta stipendijām pieteikumu vērtēšanas anketas forma

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Take YOUR part in #EnergySmart!

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