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Offshore wind

At Ignitis Renewables, we are at the forefront of driving change in the renewable energy landscape of our region with our offshore wind projects. Offshore wind energy, harnessed from the powerful and consistent winds at sea, represents an extraordinary opportunity for sustainable power generation. Offshore wind farms capture this relentless energy source, producing clean, abundant electricity. This venture not only lessens our reliance on finite, polluting fossil fuels but also significantly cuts carbon emissions, safeguarding our planet’s future.

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Lithuanian offshore wind farm

Location pin decoration Lithuania

  • Project in development

  • 700 MW total capacity

The maritime area in the Baltic Sea designated for the offshore wind farm is approximately 120 square kilometres. The farm area is located at least 37 km away from Lithuania's shore. It is estimated that the wind farm will have a total capacity of 700 MW. The potential number of wind turbines to be erected will be up to 55, with a maximum height of up to 350 metres. The offshore wind farm is expected to become operational around 2030. The project is being developed with Ocean Winds.

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Estonian offshore wind farm

Location pin decoration Estonia

  • Project in development

  • 1.4 GW total capacity

The maritime area of the project is made up of two seabed sites, located in the Gulf of Riga, northwest of Ruhnu Island, near Estonia’s Baltic Sea coast covering in total approximately 193 square kilometres. Depending on environmental impact assessment results, site optimisation as well as other factors, the capacity of the offshore wind farm will be 1–1.5 GW. The project is expected to become operational around 2035 and is being developed with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP).

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