A significant milestone has been reached in a wind farm in Mažeikiai constructed by an international green energy company Ignitis Renewables. Key components, such as turbines, rotors (rotating parts of the turbines) and the longest components – blades, 72 meters in length and weighing around 21 tonnes – are being delivered to the construction site. The installation of the components will start this month, which is another important milestone in the construction of the wind farm. A tower crane, which is 174 m tall, will be used in the process. The crane used for unloading and installation works was delivered for this purpose from Croatia.

Components of 14 wind turbines are impressively large and are transported from the port of Klaipėda to the construction site during the night to minimise the impact on the traffic in Klaipėda and the region. This logistics operation, which took several months, was prepared, and coordinated well in advance with several companies taking part in it, such as component manufacturers, representatives of an international company Nordex Lithuania, specialists of a Polish logistics company NAVIGATOR working together with the local company Fulmennwhile cargo handling services in the port were performed by Klaipėdos Krovinių Terminalas.

“The delivery of all wind turbine components is still in progress and in parallel the contractor is already starting to install the first wind turbines on site,” said Giedrius Meškelė, Head of Renewable Energy, Lithuania Region at Ignitis Renewables, when commenting on the progress.

14 wind turbines with a total capacity of 63 MW are being erected at the wind farm constructed by Ignitis Renewables. Mažeikiai wind farm is being built in pursuit of a strategic goal of Ignitis Group to significantly expand, up to 4 GW, its green generation portfolio within the next eight years.

The wind farm located in Mažeikiai region, in the vicinity of villages Juodeikėliai and Palūšė, should be installed and tested by the end of this year, and green electricity should be supplied from the start of the next year. The total planned investments into the wind farm are over 80 million euros.

Ignitis Renewables owns four operational wind farms in Lithuania with a total capacity of 58 MW. Another 18 MW wind farm is in Estonia, and the largest wind farm owned by the Group, a 94 MW Pomerania wind farm in Poland, has generated first electricity last year. Last year the Group has also signed conditional agreements to acquire three wind farms in Latvia. The total capacity of these farms amounts to 160 MW.