Agnė, the Environmental and Permitting Project Manager at Ignitis Renewables, has built her career on a strong foundation of environmental protection, with a special focus on the Baltic Sea. From her beginnings as an editor to her current role, Agnė’s journey is marked by dedication and a love for marine environments. Here’s her story.

From Editing Encyclopedias to Environmental Advocacy

Agnė’s first job was as an editor at the Science and Encyclopedia Publishing Center, where she wrote and edited physical geography articles for a Universal Lithuanian Encyclopedia. “I learned all the grammar police skills and understood the necessity to double-check and triple-check the information that is provided as a fact,” she recalls. This attention to detail proved essential in her later work in environmental protection.

After her time with encyclopedias, Agnė transitioned to the Ministry of Environment as a Marine Environment Protection Chief Specialist. “There I realized that the Baltic Sea is my true love,” she says. A brief two-year stint working in the Ignitis Group’s sustainability team did not deter her, and she returned to marine environment protection with renewed enthusiasm.

Career Milestones and Current Role

A pivotal moment in Agnė’s career was her decision to focus solely on marine environment protection. Initially juggling her role at the Ministry with PhD studies in landscape sciences, she eventually chose to deepen her marine-related knowledge. “I quit my studies and continued focusing on marine environments,” she explains.

Today, Agnė is an environmentalist working on the Offshore Wind Farm project at Ignitis Renewables. Her role involves coordinating the environmental impact assessment process, liaising between different parties, and translating complex environmental topics into understandable language. “My typical workday is filled with meetings, emails, and lots of research,” she notes.

Embracing Challenges and Opportunities

Agnė has been with the Ignitis Group for three years, with this being her first year at Ignitis Renewables. She was drawn to the company by insider knowledge of its positive work culture and challenging projects. “I had insider information that I would like the culture and challenges here. And the insider was right,” she says.

One standout project for Agnė is the Offshore Wind Farm. “We are all learning new things here,” she shares. The project has allowed her to develop new skills, such as efficiently managing her time and navigating between meetings.

Personal Passions and Future Trends

Outside of work, Agnė enjoys music, though she humorously admits she can’t play or sing a single note correctly. She also loves playing with LEGO sets, which are strictly off-limits to her kids. “I have a list of LEGO sets I want to buy and a list of bands I want to see,” she reveals.

For those starting in her field, Agnė advises: “Be curious and keen on endlessly improving your knowledge.” She sees a bright future for the offshore wind sector, emphasizing the need for balanced development that doesn’t compromise nature. “As we develop more, we’ll find innovative solutions for balancing clean energy generation with nature enhancement and ecosystem contribution,” she says.

Enjoying the Work Culture at Ignitis Renewables

Agnė values the freedom of thought and collaborative spirit at Ignitis Renewables. “I love the freedom of mind here and that we are all very different working together towards a common goal,” she says. Her passion for her work and the company’s mission is clear.

Contributing to a Sustainable Future

With her dedication to environmental protection and proactive approach to managing complex projects, Agnė is a key player in Ignitis Renewables’ efforts to drive sustainable energy solutions. Her journey is a testament to how passion and continuous learning can lead to a fulfilling and impactful career.