International green energy company Ignitis Renewables is promoting the studies in Latvia that are strategically important to the energy sector, and this year it will grant EUR 30,000 for scholarships for master’s students in energy. Together with the funds, the company is also introducing Latvian students to the #EnergySmartSTART programme, successfully operating in Lithuania for two years, which is relevant to students and everyone who is interested in energy.

Renewable energy enables the energy smart world. Ignitis Renewables has a goal to facilitate green generation breakthrough in the region. This breakthrough is the core of the company’s mission, which is to mitigate climate change, conserve nature and ensure energy security in the region.

“While developing green energy capacities, we are increasing our energy independence and promoting renewable energy sources. However, all these activities require competences we lack today, not just in Lithuania and Latvia but throughout Europe. Therefore, we are encouraging young people to choose energy studies and work together while solving climate issues and towards sustainable development goals,” said Božena Petikonis-Šabanienė, Head of Human Resources, Baltics and Poland at Ignitis Renewables, during a wind energy conference in Riga.

Ignitis Renewables manages four wind farms in Lithuania; its two other wind farms are located in Poland and Estonia. Currently, the green energy company is also developing new wind farm projects in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. “Latvia is a part of our home market, where Ignitis Renewables is actively expanding its activities and sees great growth opportunities, but it requires a new generation of specialists. Perspective studies is the beginning of a successful career, and grants for student scholarships only facilitate better conditions to strive for the best results,” underlined the Head of Human Resources at Ignitis Renewables.

Ignitis Renewables supports the #EnergySmartSTART programme, which is directed towards schoolchildren, students and anyone who is interested in energy. Energy companies that support the programme are implementing various initiatives, organise excursions, meetings with professionals, establish special scholarships, introduce people to career opportunities in the energy sector.

During an international conference, representatives of Ignitis Renewables expressed a symbolic commitment to Latvian students who choose energy engineering or electrical engineering studies. “We hope that this is just the beginning, and the grant for scholarships will also encourage other companies in Latvia to invest into the new generation of energy experts,” said B. Petikonis-Šabanienė.