An international green energy company Ignitis Renewables is continuing sustainable and close cooperation with communities that are located near the renewable energy projects in operation, under construction and under development. From the beginning of July till the end of August communities are welcome to submit applications to receive financial support. This year Ignitis Renewables is planning to allocate up to EUR 300,000 for local communities in Lithuania.

“Partnership with local communities is the basis of sustainable development of Ignitis Renewables. We care about the environment we work in, and so we are open to suggestions on how we could create a more sustainable world together. We want for our renewable energy projects in operation and under construction to create value for the entire region, local communities and business. Partnership based on mutual trust is important to us, so we try to listen to the needs of local communities and find opportunities for sustainable cooperation,” said Giedrius Meškelė, Head of Renewable Energy, Lithuania.

He stressed that Ignitis Renewables is a trusted partner that cares about local communities. “This year we want to invite the communities located near our renewable energy project to take advantage of this opportunity and improve their environment, infrastructure, learn more about environmental protection and green energy,” encouraged Giedrius Meškelė.

Communities have already taken advantage of the financial support

In 2022 Ignitis Renewables has granted financial support to 9 communities located near already operating wind farms in Mažeikiai, Kretinga, Tauragė and Jurbarkas districts. Over EUR 80,000 were allocated to communities.

“Examples of successful utilisation of financial support show that communities are getting active and creative in an effort to utilise the financial support we provide every year. We believe that the examples of successful cooperation will also encourage new communities to apply for financial support,” Emilija Musteikytė, Community Manager at Ignitis Renewables, shared her good experiences.

She said that a project was implemented in Dainiai village, where the lighting infrastructure of the main street was renewed. Under the initiative of Lauksargiai village community Lauksargiškiai electrical installations were replaced at their house of culture. Public infrastructure was improved at Rotuliai village, the community was happy with the restored outdoor stairs next to their meeting place.

The communities from Vydmantų gymnasium in the Kretinga district have drafted projects and applied for financial support, and this year nets for catching balls have been installed at the sports field, and lighting solutions that are charged using solar energy have been installed at the Vydmantai leisure and swimming area.

An energy education programme and educational excursions related to wind energy have been started in Tauragė

“People in Tauragė actively participate in energy education programmes. #EnergySmartSTART programme has already launched two educational projects there. One of them is educating students about energy efficiency, green transition, and the other one is educational excursions related to wind energy. They encourage people to become energy smart as well as create new jobs, boost tourism,” said Emilija Musteikytė.

It has become increasingly important to consume energy responsibly to mitigate the negative impact on the nature and climate. Yet, the lack of relevant knowledge and skills to use energy efficiently can be noticed in the actions of younger generations, and this topic does not necessarily have a place in our education