International green energy company Ignitis Renewables is initiating the development of a solar park in Tauragė region. The State Energy Regulatory Council(NERC) has issued a permit for the development of electricity generation capacity in the vicinity of an existing wind farm.  

According to Thierry Aelens, CEO of Ignitis Renewables, the project opens wider opportunities to use the infrastructure and the land managed by the company more efficiently. “A 10 megawatt (MW) wind farm has been successfully operating in the Tauragė region for over 10 years, and now we will establish a solar park next to a currently operational wind farm. This first solar-wind hybrid park in the history of Ignitis Group will contribute to the Group’s goal of further expanding its green production,” says Thierry Aelens. 

The capacity of the planned solar park should reach 22 MW. This will be enough to cover the electricity demand of around 13,000 Lithuanian households. The solar park is estimated to launch by 2024.

Ignitis Renewables manages four wind farms in Lithuania; its two other wind farms are in Poland and Estonia. Currently, new wind farm projects are also being developed in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.