International green energy company Ignitis Renewables transports large wind farm components from the Port of Klaipėda to Kelmė District, where it is developing the largest onshore wind farm in the Baltics. The wind turbines will be installed this year, while electricity generation will begin in 2025.

The blades and nacelles of the wind turbines are travelling along the motorway and the roads of Klaipėda, Raseiniai and Kelmė Districts to the future wind farm, where other infrastructure works are already underway: cables are being laid, access roads are being constructed, and the foundations of the turbines are being poured.

The unusually large cargo is being transported from the Port of Klaipėda at nighttime to avoid traffic disruption and inconvenience to local residents.

“The project in Kelmė District will allow us to increase the production of green energy significantly and meet the growing demand for it in the region. In this way, we are contributing to Lithuania’s energy security and to mitigating the factors affecting climate change, to phase out fossil fuels and reduce pollution,” says Paulius Kalmantas, Communication Partner at Ignitis Renewables.

The parts of the wind turbines were delivered to the Port of Klaipėda by their manufacturer, Nordex. The parts will be transported by land until the end of 2024.

Each wind turbine part is 50 to more than 80 metres long, requiring special transport and road infrastructure preparation. For this reason, the company is continuously investing in the infrastructure, improvements and other works in the municipalities through which the routes for transporting the oversized loads needed for the wind farm pass.

Ignitis Renewables is developing the wind farm in two phases, with a total of 44 turbines. Commercial operation date is planned in 2025. The park will have a total capacity of 300 megawatts (MW) and will generate enough electricity to power 250,000 households in Lithuania.