On the eve of national Energy Day in Lithuania, a specialised educational platform dedicated to informing the public about renewable energy starts its journey across Lithuania. The platform is powered by Ignitis Renewables, an international green energy company developing renewable energy projects in the Baltic States and Poland. With this educational tool the company continues its support the programme #EnergySmartSTART.

“We invite everyone to go on an adventure with renewable energy! Our educational platform will provide an innovative introduction to using sustainable resources to generate electricity. The platform will travel all across Lithuania – it will visit communities where we are already developing or planning to develop renewable energy projects, various festivals and events, and also educational institutions,” says Vaiva Rutkauskaitė, the Head of Educational Programmes at Ignitis Group.

She emphasises that one of the company’s goals is to educate people about energy and, in particular, production of electricity from renewable sources. “Easy to understand and engaging content increases people’s understanding of the benefits of green transformation. Visitors to this mobile educational exhibition will be able to learn about onshore and offshore wind and solar power generation, take a virtual tour inside a wind farm and much more,” says V. Rutkauskaitė.

With the launch of this educational platform, Ignitis Renewables furthers its involvement with the programme #EnergySmartSTART, which has been running successfully in Lithuania for three years and is aimed at schoolchildren, students and anyone interested in learning about the energy sector. The energy companies that have joined the programme implement various initiatives, organise excursions for students, meet with specialists, establish special scholarships for students and introduce them to career opportunities in the energy sector.

Ignitis Renewables implements green energy projects to promote changes in the renewable energy sector of the region. The company is the first company in the Baltic States to develop an offshore wind farm project and is building the country’s largest onshore wind farm in Kelmė District. The company contributes to the decarbonisation of the energy sector, development of renewable energy sources, development and application of innovative solutions, sustainable growth as well as public education.