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Lithuanian offshore wind farm

We are building the first offshore wind farm in the Baltic States.

Project description

It is estimated that the 700 megawatt wind farm, located in the Baltic Sea, could generate around 3 terawatt-hours of green electricity per year, which would meet a quarter of Lithuania’s current electricity demand.

The offshore wind farm is a significant step towards Lithuania’s energy independence. This project will significantly increase local electricity generation from renewable energy sources and, thus, ensure lower dependence on electricity imports. It is the largest energy project in Lithuania, which will be the first country from the Baltic States to have an operating offshore wind farm.

The project is led by Ignitis Renewables with partner Ocean Winds who control 51% and 49% of the project’s shares respectively. The project is expected to be operation around the year 2030.

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Key facts about the project

700 MW

Installed capacity

37 km

Distance from the shore

up to 55

Potential number of wind turbines

up to 350 m

Maximum possible height of wind turbines

Key benefits

Offshore wind technologies are strategically important when it comes to a global transition to sustainable energy. In Lithuania alone, they have an immense potential.

Energy independence

Up to a quarter of Lithuania's energy needs will be produced in the offshore wind farm. It will ensure reduced dependence on energy imports and greater energy independence.

Economic development

With billions in investments and new high-skilled jobs, the project will create favourable conditions for the economic development of the coastal region and the country in general.

Protection of the Baltic Sea ecosystem

To ensure a balance between nature conservation and clean electricity production, best international practices will be followed. Lithuanian and international experts will be consulted throughout all development stages of the project to minimise the impact on the entire ecosystem of the Baltic sea.

Support for local communities

The wind farm developer will be obligated to contribute to the budgets of nearby municipalities based on the electricity generated and supplied to the network, which is estimated to be around EUR 3 million per year.

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We are committed to developing projects with the right skills to supply chains and infrastructure needed to support the offshore wind park development projects in the Baltic Sea. Having built an optimum supply chain, we will be able to engage local and international resources throughout the lifetime of our projects.

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More about Curonian Nord

The maritime area in the Baltic Sea designated for the offshore wind farm Curonian Nord is approximately 120 square kilometres and is located at least 36 km away from the shore, approximately 60 km away from the Port of Klaipėda. The depth at the maritime area ranges from 28 to 48 metres, and the average annual wind speed there is around 9–10 m/s. The number of wind turbines to be erected there will be up to 55, with a maximum height of around 350 metres. All of these parameters will depend on the findings of studies, the environmental impact assessment, adopted technologies and other conditions. Based on the currently available information, the capacity, location of the wind turbines, their distance from the shore as well as the sea depth are all suitable for wind energy development and corresponds to the scope and conditions of other offshore wind farm projects in Europe.