meet environment permitting exec Monika ignitis renewables

Taking charge of environmental protection for small and large-scale renewable energy projects makes for highly dynamic and complex work. And that’s exactly where Monika Sakalauskaitė, our Environment and Permitting Project Manager, thrives when it comes to her professional life. Having joined Ignitis Renewables as recently as April 2023, she has managed to quickly find her bearings in the new role, and start making strides in ensuring that our projects meet the most demanding environmental standards – and even push the envelope further.

With almost half a year now past since Monika has joined us, we sat down with her for a nice chat to learn what her job entails on a daily basis, what she likes about it the most, and more.

Values, meaning, and growth

Monika had already wanted to work in renewable energy for quite a while prior to joining our team, believing that a decisive shift towards it is both necessary and feasible. She found Ignitis Renewables attractive not only because it offered an opportunity for meaningful work in line with her own values, however, but also because of its palpable drive to grow and improve:

“I really liked that Ignitis Renewables is a young and dynamic organisation still in the process of finding its footing and place in the world. It reminded me somewhat of a startup. I believe the company will continue to grow and, thereby, provide ample opportunity for me to further develop as a professional,” Monika told us.

Not a day of monotony at work

When asked to describe her typical day at the office, Monika told us there is no such thing or, as she herself put it, “monotony at work is just not a thing in my case”. And this is no surprise, considering that she’s usually managing several projects simultaneously to ensure that our wind and solar parks have as little negative effect on the environment as possible. Needless to say, this involves impact assessments, lots of communication with specialists, and decision-making.

“I deeply appreciate the opportunity to interact not only with institutions, but also with the broader public, which allows me to see how projects change and develop in real time. In addition to work at the office, I get to travel a good deal, which is certainly preferable to sitting in front of a screen all day”.

Creating real, palpable value

Deftly navigating the myriad tasks landing on her desk Monday through Friday, Monika is always conscious of their overarching purpose – creating real value for people not just in Lithuania, but also the rest of the world. She loves having the feeling that, with each passing day, her efforts are building up towards a better, cleaner, and more efficient future for all. 

“As a colleague once put it, ‘Nothing more perfect has ever been developed than the capacity to harness an infinite resource – the wind and the sun – for generating what modern civilization can’t do without – electricity’. My role in this worthy pursuit is, essentially, representing the side of nature, of the environment, which I’m only too happy to do,” Monika shared.

Growth-oriented work culture

What she appreciates the most about our work culture is the limitless opportunities for personal and professional growth, facilitated by highly competent and experienced leaders. Monika said that Ignitis Renewables has tons of internal resources that make it possible for people to find the right answers – usually without even stepping beyond the boundaries of their own teams. 

This process is further enhanced by the company leadership’s active promotion of Western-style work culture, which emphasises direct communication and rapid problem-solving. “Each Friday, we hold a Knowledge is Power session where people share their know-how, experiences, and other useful information. We also have our own Grow Academy, a wellness blog, and many training opportunities that foster our personal and professional growth”.

We have every reason to believe that, with her values and drive for continuous improvement always front and centre – and given the supportive and growth-oriented work environment we’ve fostered at Ingnitis Renewables over the years – Monika will continue to excel in her role and push us to develop solutions that simultaneously meet clients’ requirements and protect our future on this planet.