Meet Gerda, our future-focused Transmission Package Manager | Ignitis REN

A typical day for Transmission Package Manager Gerda Krasauskė revolves around learning. Lots of learning. 

There’s “self-education, analysis, reading, communication, and learning about the requirements and specifics of offshore energy infrastructure,” she explains. “We are still in the first steps of implementing this project. In this short time, I’ve focused a lot on legislative changes that bring specific challenges. I’ve also been working on identifying the need for parameters with regards to offshore transmission infrastructure, taking into consideration engineering infrastructure corridors and protection zones.”

This granular, research-based approach is a must. That’s because Gerda and offshore team are working on a project with massive importance – Lithuania’s first ever offshore wind project, which, at 700 MW capacity, will be one of the largest sustainable energy initiatives in the region.

Many sources of motivation

Gerda certainly does not struggle for sources of motivation and inspiration in her current role. 

First of all, there is the dynamic international team that she is part of at Ignitis Renewables. “I appreciate the high level of diversity in the company. Having a team from different backgrounds and nationalities helps us be competitive and efficient. And my colleagues are intelligent and mature – we trust one another and there’s a great balance between seriousness and laughter.”

Another factor that motivates Gerda is the broader significance of her work. “Personally, the meaning of the work I do is very important to me, it is one of my main motivators,” she explains. To understand why, we need to know more about her professional journey.

From dream to reality

“I’ve dreamt of making a contribution to the renewable energy field since I was as student,” says Gerda. “I even wrote a paper on onshore wind farm development for one of my courses”.

“Since then, my entire career has been linked to energy. After Lithuania was admitted to NATO and the EU, the only thing missing was energy independence and a definitive break with Russia. I contributed to the implementation of the synchronization project aimed at disconnecting from the BRELL ring and connecting to the continental European transmission network. During this project, the Lithuanian transmission network is being strengthened.”

“The next step was to focus on renewable resources. I had always been aware of the untapped potential of sustainable energy to contribute to climate change mitigation. And now it was clear that for Lithuania, it offered two birds with one stone – energy independence and sustainability.”

“For me these two different elements bring meaning and fulfilment, because they are connected to a common cause – building a better future for the generations to come.”

“So, the opportunity to join Ignitis Renewables and contribute to creating the first offshore wind farm in the country was very appealing.”

First steps on a journey to sustainability and independence

“We are at the start of something very exciting,” explains Gerda. “At this stage, we have a small team. This brings challenges in terms of carrying out multidisciplinary activities. We need to analyse schemes, find technical engineering alternatives, and prepare technical specifications.” 

But the team are more than equipped to meet these challenges, and the many that will come in future. “The range of challenges will change and increase as the project progresses,” says Gerda. “But this is inevitable in a sector where so much changes. Renewable energy is not finite, not exhausted, and not a passing fad. On the contrary, the possibilities for innovation are endless.”

And each new breakthrough will bring benefits that will be felt for decades to come, which is the ultimate point for Gerda. “We all want to leave something behind – I chose to contribute to my country in the field of renewable energy.”